Acro Engineering Inc.

Supply reliable switching mode power supplies via Acro Engineering technology.


Professional Industrial Power Supply Supplier
Acro Engineering Incorporation is a professional manufacturer of Switching Mode Power and Lead-Acid Battery Charger. Our main products include Industrial Power Switching Power, LED Driver, Battery Charger, LCD Panel Power, etc. In addition, we also provide DIN Rail Power, Enclosed Power, Power Supply and Solar Power with superior quality and competitive price. If you are looking for high quality LCD Panel Power, DC Switching Power and Electric Motor Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.



DIN Rail Mounting Power Supply

Our DIN Rail Power Supplies are used by electric machine and battery charger appliances. With the rigid and compact appearance plus DIN rail / wall bracket mounting, our DIN Rail Power Supplies are saving space and industrial application.


DC Motor Power Supply

Our DC Motor Power Supplies are specialized to apply motion control system such as mechanical arm and elevator controller etc. Rigid and compact design feature space saving and requirement of industrial application. In addition, our DC Motor Power Supplies have built-in CEMF (Eounter-Electromotive force) damper to protect motor driver and power supply.


Open Frame Power Supply

Our Open Frame Power Supplies are used by traffic light and pedestrian signal etc. These Open Frame Power Supplies provide design engineers with a power platform with the flexibility to meet virtually any design requirement. In addition to standard products, custom power supplies offer almost any voltage and current combinations are available upon request.


U-Frame Power Supply

High power density design with +5VDC/0.5A standby output, power good/fail signal and inhibit function. Built-in active powr factor corrector to comply EN61000-3-2 requirements and universal AC input range. One independent channel with 2~24VDC adjustable range for versatile applications.


Enclosed Power Supply

Our Enclosed Power Supplies are used by security system. With the metal housing, Enclosed Power Supplies are protected from against impact of parts and PC board. Designed with multiple mounting solution, and diverse I/O connector for versatile applications. Active power factor corrector is built-in the models over 60W output for complying EN61000-3-2 requirements plus features universal AC input range.


Lead-Acid Battery Charger

Our Lead-Acid Battery Chargers are used by electric vehicle and medical facilities appliances etc. These Lead-Acid Battery Chargers have built-in smart 5-step charging control accomplish the missions. The Lead-Acid Battery Chargers not only charging a battery but also lengthen life cycle and advance efficiency of battery.